December, 2020 -

Month: December 2020

  • Teeth and sleep deprivation

    I made the mistake of staying up all night playing on my Xbox, which wasn’t great preparation for going to the dentist. I haven’t been since we moved from Singapore, so I was worried I’d have huge amounts of work to do.

  • Drive stressed

    We had our longest trip in the car today, driving to Leavenworth (about 140 miles). It was cold and icy (the external temperature in the mountains got below freezing) so we had a choice between running the heater and using up the battery, or freezing inside the car as we drove, so we went from […]

  • Things to stress about

    Today I drove down to the homeless outreach, bringing a birthday cake somebody had requested last week, and a coupe of plastic wrapped slabs of bottled water, which I’d struggled to carry through the Fred Meyer superstore without dropping everywhere. I was a bit worried that the guy who’d requested the cake might not be […]

  • Boxing Day Hijinks

    We had a calm and sedate morning, to recover from the excitement of Christmas Day. That meant the girls played, and then made me play Pizza Party, a quick game where you have to make a pizza by rolling dice until you get the required ingredients. Done in ten minutes, but pretty fun. I hid […]

  • Christmas Day, 2020

    La Serpiente kept waking us up all night, and at 6:30 we finally relented and let her go downstairs to look at the stack of presents. Unlike the last two years, where they tore through the wrapping like a twin tornado, today we managed to get the girls to open their presents in batches, spreading […]

  • The night before Christmas

    The girls refused to leave the house until 1:30 this afternoon, and as soon as we did, the pharmacy called to tell me my prescription was ready. So we all walked fifteen blocks north, and then south fifteen blocks, and then went to Salmon Bay park for the girls to play.

  • Getting in the Christmas spirit

    I had presents to buy, and my wife had a physio appointment, so I made the girls walk with me up to Phinney Ridge, mail an envelope, drink some hot chocolate, and then walk down almost to the toyshop before reversing direction, walking back up to the bookshop, and then home again. This wore out […]

  • From rain to snow

    I walked up to Phinney Ridge with the girls at lunchtime to buy a book and some matches. It was chilly, with the threat of rain in the air. Half way home, the rain started, and then intensified, and every time I thought it couldn’t get harder, the rain redoubled its efforts to soak us. […]

  • A good walk, unspoiled

    I don’t know how I managed it, but I got out of bed on time, to find the children awake and enthusiastic about going out. I made them eat cereal and then we all got in the car and drove to Coal Creek. There were no complaints, no arguments, and we walked the entire four […]

  • Arguing about nothing

    The kids were very recalcitrant today. They woke at seven after a long night where they kept coming in to our bed. While we recovered, they went downstairs and played, and when I eventually surfaced at nine and asked them to eat breakfast, they refused. I didn’t want to get into an argument so they […]