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Month: January 2021

  • A great day out

    Today the girls woke us up early asking to go hiking, so we bundled them into the car and drove off to Squak Mountain, where I’d walked with the girls once last year. (I didn’t remember until we arrived there, so it was sort of a surprise.) Despite enthusiasm whilst at home, both children moaned […]

  • Early Valentines

    There’s this (to my mind) odd tradition in the US where you give every one of your classmates a Valentine’s card. Destroyer has really leaned into this, decorating a card for every single person in her class with a picture, a little note and a unicorn, made out of a card with a rainbow coloured […]

  • Ice cream and conversation

    Today I took the girls on a walk up to Phinney Ridge, and because it’s January and freezing cold, they insisted on me buying them ice cream, with sprinkles on top. Oh, the strange metabolism of my children.

  • A jaunt in search of cookies

    I took the girls for a bike ride today, promising them a chocolate cookie at the café that we used to stop at on the way to the sea every day in the summer. La Serpiente was struggling today, complaining that she was tired and almost crashing her bike into a curb, while Destroyer pedalled […]

  • Another cold day

    The bad thing about playing Cyberpunk is that you get amped up with the excitement of running around a made-up city with Keanu Reeves, and then you can’t sleep. So I didn’t get much rest, eventually falling asleep at 4 am. That made today a real grind.

  • Indolence

    I played Cyberpunk for about four hours today, which is clearly a bit too much. The elation of being able to charge through a hypermodern hotel, fighting off robots and corporate assassin’s, before being inserted in Keanu Reeves’ mind, was just a bit much to turn down. I think it’s time to let that game […]

  • Pull ups and Cyberpunk

    Today I did 24 pull ups, just as the schedule demanded. I have 196 left to do in the next seven days. This is a lot better than last year, probably because I have a chin up bar installed next to my bed, rather than somewhere in the office, and also because I’ve been a […]

  • Recovery day

    Climbing last night was harder than I’d thought: I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, and it took half an hour of trying and coffee before I finally made it downstairs. The kids were interminably good and awful, arguing about who got to ride the knackered scooter they were gifted by our ex-next door […]

  • Getting hammered

    This afternoon my neighbour and I tried to fix our fence. One of the posts is lose, and propping it up with a plank of wood turned out to be a bad idea when the plank slipped in a storm and punched a hole through the fence panel. So he went to Home Depot and […]

  • Getting too old

    I tried playing Cyberpunk 2077 tonight, after getting the kids to bed, and perhaps I’m just not good at playing computer games any more; even on the easy setting, I can’t get through the first level, and just get shot a lot. But it looks very nice.