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Month: February 2021

  • Daddy Daughter Day

    I slept through my alarm and had to spring from bed, rushing to get dressed and down to the fitness club in Ballard for my morning swim. Somehow I managed to defrost the windscreen of the car and get into the pool within 15 minutes, which shows you don’t need to get out of bed […]

  • Getting bigger

    I persuaded La Serpiente to ride her new unicycle today. We were gifted it by neighbours up the street a few months ago and it was too big for her then, but I got her to ride it today and after initial reluctance she pronounced it much better than her old unicycle. I was keen […]

  • Desks and headaches

    There was a big rainstorm today, and just before it I got a bad headache. Maybe this was accumulated fatigue from all the swimming and climbing this week, or maybe it was a shift in atmospheric pressure, or maybe it was just a headache. I ended up having to take a few hours off until […]

  • Swimming and not-terrifying horror

    I did 12 laps at the pool tonight, a clear improvement on last week. I even managed two lengths without stopping. I think the most I did last year was 18, so I’m returning to that fairly quickly. Nice to have some things that you don’t forget how to do.

  • A good day of stuff

    I went climbing this evening after the girls were in bed; back to the Main Walls in Fremont, which is not my favourite place to climb, but there’s variety there, and so although some stuff is just too big and challenging, there’s enough that I can try.

  • Up late yet again

    I had my weekly big league Blood Bowl match tonight, and I had expected to lose. I was rather amazed that I drew instead, although my minotaur star player is out of action for the final match of the season with a broken jaw. Such is sporting life. I really must get on and paint […]

  • Long day

    I stayed up too late playing Cyberpunk, a common refrain, then after a short sleep went climbing. Today I did an orange route, which I’d have photographed if my phone hadn’t been malfunctioning. This was quite scary – seven feet above the ground I had to heel hook and then lunge with my left hand […]

  • Dispatches from the world of cider

    I went climbing tonight, and did most of the things I attempted. I also strained my ankle somehow, which isn’t great, but then I went home and drank a bottle of cider and watched a not very good film on Amazon Prime, so I guess that’s a productive day.

  • Overhang

    I woke up exhausted and almost went back to sleep again at 7. My wife recognised the sound of my breathing getting slower and more regular, and nudged me awake so I could attend my 7:30 meeting, which unfortunately would have been better to sleep through, as I spent the whole morning hardly capable of […]

  • Back to the pool

    I had my first swim this year. Although the gym is mostly closed, you can book thirty minutes in the pool, so at 9 this evening I set down my book about bears and libertarians and went down to Ballard.