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Month: August 2021

  • Smell the roses

    I slept in, enjoying a soft mattress, and then was roused from my bed by wife and girls, and made to walk up a very big hill.

  • Ants!

    We are getting quicker at breaking camp; today I disassembled and packed the tent away while my wife was getting the kids’ teeth brushed, and we were away by 9:45. (I had woken up at 5:30 when the pain of sleeping on a deflated air mattress was just too much, but hey…) Our campsite required […]

  • Halfway there

    This is the fifteenth day of my holiday, so I’m now at the halfway point: every day from now on, there’s less days until I go back to work. Tomorrow is also the first day we get a chance to sleep in beds, which will feel like unimaginable luxury when we hit Portland.

  • Into and out of Oregon

    We’re getting better at disassembling the tent and packing up (or we’re getting more and more forgetful and leaving things behind) so it didn’t take long to get on the road today. We drove down to Astoria, crossing a three mile bridge to get out of Washington and into Oregon. Astoria itself is perched on […]

  • A lot of travel

    We packed up in a cloud of mist and drove down to Raymond, a small "city" in the middle of nowhere in Washington, where we had breakfast and then I took the kids to play in the park while my wife did the laundry. I had a call with our builder to update on the […]

  • A curate’s egg of a day

    Friday the 13th was a mixed day. We got up, drove to Westport and had breakfast, then walked down the bleak grey seashore, just as if we were on a traditional British beach holiday. There were a few surfers bobbing up and down in the waves but failing to actually do any surfing. We walked […]

  • Down a bit…

    We packed up quickly today (practice makes perfect, and having less stuff to pack into the car because we’d spent three days eating the stuff we brought into the Hoh Rainforest helped) and drove out, stopping to get our first hot food at the café on the exit road. Then it was a thirty mile […]

  • Chasing waterfalls

    We went on our longest hike yet of the holiday, part way down the Hoh River Trail, to the waterfall.

  • Another night out

    This evening, we gave the girls glow sticks and let them stay up until 10pm so they could see the stars. Hopefully this is a great memory we’ve given them of the great outdoors and what beauty there is to be seen, as opposed to two feral kids being deprived of sleep and raging all […]

  • Into the (slightly more) wild

    We drove into the Hoh Rainforest for three nights today, where my phone has no internet connectivity, and so I’ll have peace and quiet without any capability to check any news, emails or messages. So these updates may suddenly appear in a flurry when my phone gets to talk to the rest of the world […]