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Month: August 2021

  • Uprooted

    We left our campsite in Irondale today to head towards the Hoh Rainforest. Packing took us about three hours because once you get camping equipment out of its bags, it naturally grows and grows in size and seems impossible to fit back in again. Thus we had more than half an hour of me trying […]

  • Early to bed and early to rise

    I woke up in a lot of pain this morning; sleeping on a cold earth floor, with only a thin air mattress, isn’t that great for my back and so everything was aching or tensed up. Once I got up and started walking around, things were easier but it was a tough start. I was […]

  • Another good day

    We took delivery of a freshly baked pie and two fresh ice packs this morning, as a friend drove up from Ballard to visit our campsite. She also brought her two sons, so we had accomplices for our hike.

  • Eating at the airport

    The Spruce Goose was the biggest ever seaplane, designed by eccentric genius Howard Hughes. It’s also the name of the café by the runway at the Jefferson County International Airport, fifteen minutes drive down the road from our campsite. So for breakfast this morning we went down there and sat on their decking, having a […]

  • Round the lake and back again

    This morning, after a breakfast that was a bit too big at the Chimacum Cafe, we drove to Gibb’s Lake to hike. It’s now two years the girls have hiked in Washington and I was amazed that we managed this one without any complaints. Usually having just our two is a recipe for arguments with […]

  • In tents

    Today, after not enough sleep, we got up and began packing the car. This involved a few sacrifices (mostly of the things we didn’t have the space to bring with us, rather than the entrails of chickens) and some yelling at the children when they started fighting for no reason. Then, the house cleaned and […]

  • A day off and a free wash

    I was woken by La Serpiente early this morning and put her back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep myself after 4am, and so I spent the whole day exhausted, blundering from nap to nap. Today is my first day of a month’s holiday, my enlightened employer giving us all a month off after five […]

  • Heading into the sunset

    This was another quiet day. With the bribe of doughnuts, we got the kids to come down to REI with us so we could shop for a duffel to stuff all our clothes into, and then we drove home again.

  • Bag it up

    Today we saw the parents of two of our dearest friends from Hong Kong, visiting from where they live in Colorado. For the first time in almost two months it was overcast and threatening rain, but we still went to the park, set up our folding chairs under the trees, and had a nice chat […]