December 2021 -

Month: December 2021

  • Quiet snow day

    It snowed again overnight, and then there were a few flakes falling during the day. As a result, I skulked inside the house for most of the day, reading from the 2019 Best American Science Fiction anthology I had from the library, as well as reading Warhawk, another Games Workshop novel about Space Marines and […]

  • Invisalign

    As part of my never ending renovation project this year, I got myself Invisalign. This is a tooth straightening product that, instead of wire braces on your teeth, consists of a series of plastic trays that fix to your teeth and exert gentle pressure. Each week you change for a new set of trays, and […]

  • A homecoming

    Our friends came home from their 6 week trip today, so we spent the day in a paroxysm of tidying, somehow needing six hours to clear the dining table. I drove to and from our house, depositing unneeded Christmas wrapping paper, soft toys and anything else we couldn’t think we’ll need in our next abode.

  • Cake, snow, and early morning errors

    I took the girls on a long walk through the snow today, baiting them with promises of a visit to the toy shop (closed due to snow) and then eventually giving them hot chocolate. I was suffering a bit: I set my alarm for 6:15 this morning so as to not miss a call from […]

  • Seahawks

    It snowed pretty heavily in the night: the girls woke us at 7 to tell us this, and (as is their way) then stood with the front door wide open for ten minutes with wind and snow blowing into the house. I was a little concerned about driving in this weather, but apart from the […]

  • Christmas Day 2021

    I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up on the sofa, to be awakened by the girls at 6:15. I was a shambling ruin of a man but held it together with prosecco and toast until they’d been through the first swathe of presents, then had a blessed two hour nap while my wife persuaded […]

  • Christmas Eve 2021

    In a late burst of activity we wrapped the remaining presents, as well as going back and forth to our house to pick up deliveries, and have a neighbour dressed as Santa come over to present the girls with a gift each. So that was a pretty solid day.

  • The Suicide Squad

    Finally, months after it was first released and then removed from HBO Max, The Suicide Squad returned to televisions, and we got to watch it once the kids were asleep. It was wonderful – gory, funny, overblown in all the right ways.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The fourth Matrix film was released on HBO Max tonight, so we watched it. It was a bit of a mess: lots of referring to the original movie, mixed in with a lot of sludge attempting to be metatextual or just break the fourth wall because it could. At times, it felt like a story […]

  • Cold, cold, cold

    We had five of us in the bed this morning; La Serpiente had woke after midnight and demanded to sleep on one side of us, then Destroyer appeared, complaining it was too cold, and then the cat made five. I was glad of the extra warmth: it was down to 0° today and I was […]