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Month: December 2021

  • Working for jam

    La Serpiente really wants to have a subscription to her favourite computer game, Animal Jam, but I wasn’t willing to pay for it. However, to get through this impasse, we told her she could empty the dishwasher, and every time she did that she’d earn 25 cents. Finally, today she’d emptied the dishwasher 28 times, […]

  • Equinox

    We had the street’s equinox party a few days early so it wasn’t on a weeknight. It was perishing cold but the girls didn’t seem to care, scurrying around the park and hooting with excitement – something to do with sugary treats, marshmallows, seeing friends or it just being close to the shortest day of […]

  • Wet day in December

    Despite their late bedtime last night, the girls still woke at six and came in to wake us up. I fell back asleep, then had to go out when I woke up to take an electrician through the house, figuring out how we’d solve all the remaining wiring conundrums. So, slowly approaching solutions…

  • Ron’s Gone Wrong

    For a treat this evening, we let the girls watch a film, Ron’s Gone Wrong, a fairly on-the-nose animated comedy for kids about how social media is designed to exploit them. In the film, almost every kid has a dustbin-sized plastic robot, a B-Bot, that follows them around and enables social networking. That is, except […]

  • Nearing the end of the year

    Today was the girls penultimate day of school before the Christmas break. Destroyer made a little candy cane to put on our tree, so this evening I went back to our house and pulled the tree out of where it was languishing under the eaves upstairs. So tomorrow we can decorate together.

  • Waiting for snow

    We booked another two weeks in an Airbnb today, giving us more wiggle room on the eventual move back in. I also tried to get another electrician to help out with wiring, but it remains to be seen if that job is solvable or requires more money to be thrown at it. And I won […]

  • Uplifted

    I was in much better spirits today; I managed to call back to England and wish my father a happy birthday, I ate two flaky croissants, I had some productive meetings at work, and in the evening I worked out, went climbing in Thailand and bowling in a Christmas wonderland, all through the magic of […]

  • Proceeding with hope

    I went for a long walk this afternoon to clear my head, and to buy a screwdriver and a few items for the house. It was wet and cold, and as I’ve not eaten that much today I was feeling fairly broken by the time I got home. (Also, getting three hours sleep after the […]

  • Upgraded

    Another cold, rainy day in Seattle, but the girls both got their second vaccinations today, after which, showing no side effects, we went and bought them biscuits (a breakfast treat for La Serpiente) and let them play on the iPad for part of the day.

  • Reality or something like it

    La Serpiente and I went shopping today, picking up a few Christmas presents for my wife, verifying how much electrical cable we have left in the house, and buying doughnuts, before returning home. It was another cold, wet day in Seattle, but the rain and wind stopped long enough for both girls to be able […]