A funny old day

I woke up feeling a little crapulent – well, I’d not had much sleep, and I had had a bottle of beer and two glasses of wine as well as a huge pizza last night. I took the girls to work and they were pretty good, and then I went to work and, because I felt out of sorts, I put on my compression sleeves, which made me feel happier. And coordinated with the furnishings, if you look at the background of this photo:

Well, a fairly decent match against the chair, and blending in well with the corporate carpet too, I guess.

A good thing about wearing compression sleeves is that it feels like you’re getting a gentle hug around your calves, and who wouldn’t like that? Maybe it helps the blood return from my feet, but I’m assuming the circulatory system can do that just fine without Swiss-designed silly clothing. But whatever, it got me through until lunchtime.

I had a climbing session today, so as well as working on a Shapley value model-based multi-touch attribution for a client, I went out at lunchtime and climbed. I was pretty pleased – there’s a 20 and a 22 problem, neither of which I would have attempted unbidden, but which seem to be within my grasp. I’m not there just yet, but give me a week or two and I think I should be able to take them. We also did some fairly brutal pull-up work – I failed on my fourth set of 5 pull ups, and then we went on to some partials, where you’d do the top half of a pull up first (from arms at right angles, to pulling your chin above the bar, and then back down) and then the bottom half (from a dead hang, pulling yourself up so your upper arms were horizontal and then down again). So I guess that will help me make progress.

My hands were a little sore by the end, but I didn’t tear any flesh or develop any blisters, so they’re toughening up a little, which is nice.

Then back to the office, for more playing around with data, and occasional raging at intransigent databases, and after a full day of that, I got on my scooter and headed home, being careful when I got home not to be seen by the girls. They’ve taken our safety message to heart, and so when they see me with scooter and sans helmet, they ask where my helmet is. Good girls.

Played a bit of Blood Bowl, had to repair a broken Beastman whose head had fallen off somewhere between Beckenham and Singapore. So a restful night, all in…

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