A little under the weather

I never should have entered the marathon. As invariably happens every time I sign up for a new race, or buy a new pair of shoes, or contemplate some major change to my training, I have got sick.

On the way home last night, I felt dreadful and I assumed it was taxi-induced nausea, but the ill feeling continued all day today. When I got home and couldn’t stop sneezing, my throat itching and my eyes streaming, I had to admit to myself that there was something the matter. It’s probably nothing catastrophic, but the ache in my joints and the stuffiness in my head tells me I’m down with something, and whether that’s a good or an allergic reaction to Singapore, it means a few days’ downtime. Conveniently, that probably knocks my weekend plans for six.

Today La Serpiente’s mattress arrived, at about the same time that we realised we didn’t have any sheets that fitted it. My wife got that sorted out and now La Serpiente seems much more proprietorial about her bed than before. I’m not allowed to sit on it or rest my weary head on her pillow, I have to sit by the side of the bed and give her hugs and cuddles. How far we’ve come from “feet on the bed, bum on the bed, head on the pillow”. What halcyon days those were.

Still, without wishing to jinx it, La Serpiente’s sleep is much improved. She’s slept through each night since Monday, waiting until almost 7 each morning to come and wake us up. Now if only I didn’t feel like I had a head full of straw, I’d properly appreciate my good fortune…

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