Another Saturday

Destroyer and I went to the aquarium this morning. I’d made the mistake of not drinking any coffee, so I was shambling after my daughter. We rushed through things in an hour: we got squawked at by the birds, watched the seals swim, and spent a bit of time at the touch tank, before heading back to rendezvous with the rest of the family at the library (visiting the doughnut shop first, of course).
We did our usual borrowing of twenty books at the library, then went to the taco shop for lunch and then home. I think I’m returning the rental car next week when we get the refund for the Hyundai, which (in the short term) curtails our travel quite a bit (until we get the new car I’ve just ordered, which might take until June…)

Then the girls watched Octonauts on Netflix and I lay on the sofa until late afternoon, when I did half an hour of boxing in Supernatural, and then slowly put the kids to bed, reading them another chapter of a Nanny Piggins book. Nothing to do after that, except rearrange finances for the next few invoices on the house, and watch some garbage on the TV. Regular weekend, I guess …

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