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  • Resolutions for 2022

    Fashionably late this year, here’s some things to try to achieve: Do better at Blood Bowl, but don’t focus on just winning all the time. In 2021, I played 165 matches: 39 wins, 37 draws, and 89 losses. I’d like to get my lose rate below 50%, but that’s also dependent on a lot (like, […]

  • Resolutions for 2021 – slight return

    When I look back at my resolutions for 2021, they look a lot like what I thought I’d resolve to do. In 2022… I tracked resolution progress for a while, but the spreadsheet went off the rails eventually (which means I can’t talk about every resolution accurately…) I did blog every night, but it wasn’t […]

  • Things to take to the Chaos Cup

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m starting to panic a bit about what I should be taking to the Chaos Cup in Chicago. So far it’s: Three sets of block dice (my Fumbbl ones that are easy to read, my Skaven ones because they’re official GW ones, and another set) Four NAF D6s, a D8 and […]

  • All I ever wanted to know about marking skills in Blood Bowl

    There’s lots of things to worry about before you play your first table top tournament, and a big one is how to mark the skills your players have. Unlike some other games, there’s no WYSIWYG rule – if you roster a team where one guy has tentacles, another has 2 heads and a third has […]

  • Nurgle in Blood Bowl 2020

    It’s a bit odd to refer to Blood Bowl 2020, as the rules only came out at the end of November and so I won’t even get to play a match in the 2020 version until some way into 2021, but that’s the name (or Blood Bowl Second Season, if you want to take Games […]

  • Blood Bowl – are you getting better or worse?

    It’s a bit tricky to figure this out, for lots of reasons that I’ll (maybe) go into at some point, but here’s my Fumbbl performance: 2020 Pre 2020 Win 108 21% 46 12% Draw 91 18% 58 15% Lose 305 61% 281 73% So although I ended the year with what felt like a terrible […]

  • Resolutions for 2021

    After looking at my last year’s performance, this year I’m thinking more about continuity and consistency. I didn’t do enough to track some of my resolutions last year, and I think being more focussed on that might pay dividends when we get to looking at the results in a year’s time. Some things I need […]

  • Resolutions for 2020 – results

    I made ten resolutions for 2020, back in a different reality, before covid hit. I started last year incapacitated with an ear infection, and honestly the year didn’t really get that much better before it got worse. On the other hand, I finished my MBA, we bought a car, we refinanced the house, saving more […]

  • Resolutions 2020 – January

    Not wonderful so far. I tried to find a banjo teacher, failed, haven’t been practicing. I haven’t got round to volunteering for anything. I was meaning to last weekend, Blood Bowl interfered, which is a lame excuse for not helping the community. Next weekend. I’ve read no books this year, unless you count the rulebook […]

  • Resolutions for 2020

    For 2020, I’d like to be kinder. I’d like to half-ass less things, and complete more. As it seemed that slightly less is more (10 resolutions in 2019 that got stuck to more than previous years) again, a reduced, focussed set seems necessary: Learn to play the banjo. Help the community in some way. Given […]