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  • A grey day

    Back to grey skies again today after the sun. A box arrived on the porch, large enough to fit a pair of shoes inside; all that was in it was a two inch long piece of plastic pipe, for something in our renovation. So it’s good to know that it’s not just Amazon that sends […]

  • A sunny day

    After yesterday’s summer day, the weather was meant to be warm but overcast, and so it was a little disorienting when it turned out to be sunny again today. I skulked in my office at the back of the house, trying to ignore the weather.

  • A weekend

    On Saturday, I played two games of Blood Bowl on top of a rickety wooden table outside a cidery in Snohomish, and strangely after that all day I kept seeing things in terms of Blood Bowl and the right dice to roll, which is jolly confusing when you’re at a fundraiser for your school and […]

  • Delayed improvement

    The girls made me play "Mouse in the house" today which involves me chasing them round the climbing frame in the park. This is preferable to "Mouse on the ground" which is the same, but I’m meant to keep my eyes shut (and then bust myself running into a metal pole or some such).

  • Children of Ruin

    I read Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Ruin today, the follow up to Children of Time. I didn’t like it as much – spacefaring octopuses are all well and good, but the whole thing was a bit too hard SF for me. Maybe it’s because with the spiders of the first book you got to follow […]

  • Strings cut

    I feel absolutely exhausted today. I’m not sure why – it could be Destroyer screaming for an hour when she didn’t get any sweets for dessert. It could be the cumulative effect of too many late nights. Maybe I’m getting sick, or sitting at my desk all day has broken me, but I lay on […]

  • A parade

    There was the 17 May Parade in Ballard today, which is something to do with lots of people with Norwegian ancestry living here. That meant we went down to watch an alnost neverending stream of marching bands from all over the state march down the street, along with a succession of Volvos, Viking ships pulled […]

  • Late night drive

    Last night I had a 10pm game in Lacey (some 60 miles away) so after I put the kids to bed, and as the sky turned blue for the first time after a whole day of rain, I drove south. After ten minutes it started raining cats and dogs again.

  • Running again

    We drove down to Magnusson Park for La Serpiente’s final Ultimate Frisbee game of the season (which they won in short order, finishing in 30 minutes), which meant that the 5k run I did with my friend David finished slightly after the match, rather than halfway through as I’d planned. We did 5k in just […]

  • Malingering

    La Serpiente refused to go to school today, complaining that she was tired and had a sore throat, two conditions that magically vanished about 10am. I worked all day at my desk, so have nothing eventful to report. I did a 25 minute VR workout that was on Hard difficulty, having mistaken it for an […]