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  • Backhoe Joe

    Somewhat gratifyingly, La Serpiente wept bitterly last night at bedtime, wishing both her parents were there to put her to bed, rather than one of them gallivanting around a running track. When she was clingy tonight and refused to get off the toilet and into the bath for ten minutes, we assumed that was the […]

  • Construction Kitties

    This evening I read Construction Kitties to La Serpiente. This is a book in which a family of cats put on hard hats and then use a variety of heavy machinery to (spoiler alert) build a play area. I think La Serpiente chose this book from the library on purpose, but what malefic and occult […]

  • Asterix The Legionary

    This evening, rather than have any of the books we borrowed from the library, La Serpiente demanded a book from the top row of her bookshelf. That’s where we put all the books that are aimed at a person who isn’t three years old; Dinosaur Poop (a book you can’t find on Amazon, curiously enough), […]

  • Babar’s Celesteville Games

    Among the books that we borrowed from the library yesterday was a celebration of 80 years of Babar the Elephant books, which was actually five years ago. I apologise that it’s taken me so long to attend to this book, and in defence I can only point out that half a decade ago I lacked […]

  • 100 Best Poems

    I have very few complaints about 100 Best Poems, apart from the fact that the light blue colour of the cover seems to act as a wonderful form of camouflage, so that in the low-light environment of La Serpiente’s room at bedtime, it’s atrociously hard to locate on the shelf. When we first purchased it, […]

  • Elephant and Piggie

    One of La Serpiente’s favourite series of books is Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie, stories about an elephant called Gerald and his friend Piggie (who has no other name, apparently). A few months ago, my wife found out that a stage production of Elephant and Piggie was coming to Singapore. (It turns out that this […]

  • Santasaurus

    When I took La Serpiente to the library on Saturday, she picked out various unsuitable books (notably Where’s Walrus?, a book entirely lacking in any words whatsoever, and which she demands I ‘read’ every night) and also Santasaurus, a book that is inappropriate not only because it is set at Christmastime, when we’re in the […]

  • Gus The Dinosaur Bus

    I hope it isn’t going to be an annual event, but today La Serpiente fell over on her face, and has a big bump under her eye. The kind of wound where I worry about taking her to school tomorrow and people thinking I’m the Bad Dad With Anger Issues. It’s not quite a year […]

  • The Tiger Who Came To Tea

    One of La Serpiente Aquatic Negra’s newest favourite books is The Tiger Who Came To Tea. (One of La Serpiente’s favourite phrases is “it’s my favourite”, along with “almost”.) The Tiger Who Came To Tea is a rather disturbing book, and (as I found when I looked on Wikipedia) possibly a metaphor for the Third […]

  • Nobody knew that something terrible was going to happen – Pompeii

    Tonight La Serpiente was adamant that I read her Pompeii, a chapter book for small children that is inexplicably one of her favourites. She first started reading it around the time that her sister was born, and it’s remained in her top ten ever since, even against the onslaught of glamourous alternatives from the library.