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  • More Spanish practices

    I had a Spanish lesson today, so I packed extra tofurkey sandwiches to eat on the way from office to class, and then, quite predictably, ate them all by four in the afternoon because I was hungry. Leaving the office today, bamboozled and tired from my ever-dripping nose, I took a train to Bugis rather […]

  • No hay mal tiempo, solo mama ropa

    I had a Spanish lesson today, so after a sluggish run and a cappuccino, I went over to Bugis to stuff more words into my brain. Today’s lesson was on holidays and weather; being British, the intersection of Spanish, holidays and weather is two weeks in Alicante getting a terminal case of sunburn while eating […]

  • To be or not to be

    There are two verbs that mean "to be" in Spanish: ser and estar. As described to me, one is essential and the other is contingent. That is, ser is for describing things that you always are: soy ingles, soy un hombre, and so on, whereas estar describes transient states of being: estoy cansado, estoy encima […]

  • Me gusta …

    Tonight I had a Spanish lesson after work, to make up for the one I missed when I was in Hong Kong. It was quite a different dynamic to going to class on Saturdays; for a start, I was in an evil temper after work, and my mood wasn’t improved by getting lost on the […]