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  • Sleepy Saturday

    I spent most of today either asleep, or trying to write.

  • Not very good Samaritan

    I didn’t sleep very well this morning, waking at 5 and unable to doze off again. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since last week: ones where you pass out drunk or wake up hungover don’t count. Trying to exhaust myself so that I’d sleep tonight, I trotted out for a run at 6:22. […]

  • Ways to be happy

    It’s like Tolstoy; happiness doesn’t come from structure, but it’s easy to be unhappy if you don’t have any structure to rely upon. Everyone likes novelty and surprise, but it’s harder to notice serendipity in the middle of a chaotic shitstorm. Of shit.

  • Sulking and coding don’t mix

    I had an unsuccessful hour of trying to teach myself R today. I’m trying to build a tool to scrape information out of Twitter and then do clever things with it, but sadly it’s not working. What’s more frustrating is that it used to work. Then I upgraded.