Caversham Wildlife Park

On our first morning in Perth, we walked down Leach Highway (which sounds like a road somewhere in Singapore, the Lee Chi Way) and had breakfast, before making La Serpiente cry by refusing to buy her a $25 toy unicorn that she was bound to forget about in a week. Then we walked home again, the morning considered a success, bought over a hundred dollars of groceries and then headed out to the Caversham Wildlife Park.

The park is basically a great big mess of marsupials. There’s quokkas and kangaroos and wallabies and quollas (actually, I’m not sure if those are marsupials or it’s just that they eat wallabies, and you are what you eat…). We got to have our photos taken with koalas (I still insist that "koala" is the plural and "koalum" the singular) and a wombat, and also a snake. Although I’m pretty sure the snake wasn’t a marsupial.

There were even some penguins, but we got there at 4:30 and the penguins had all gone home, apart from two rather ragged looking specimens that stared out the window at us. The kangaroos were more fun, honestly. When we first arrived, they were waking after their midday nap, so they were docile and let us stroke them, and as the afternoon progressed they got more and more energetic.

Kangaroos do resemble nothing more than really, really big rats. Wallabies even more so; the kangaroos had soft white fur whereas the wallabies had dark brown fur that felt much more like that of a dog. The girls got to stroke them, and then I tried to, and most of the kangaroos turned their backs on me. Must have been something I’d said.

Destroyer fell over a few times and grazed her forehead, but otherwise the girls were unscathed. We drove them to a pub in the middle of nowhere (lots of pubs in Western Australia seem to close at 6pm,which is madness) where I had to coax Destroyer to eat pizza, and they both struggled not to sleep on the way home. And so to bed.

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