Cold snap

It was down to 1° outside this morning. The front steps were slippery with frost (enough that Destroyer fell down them today) and we’d mislaid La Serpiente’s gloves.
I got the privilege of sleeping on the sofa last night, but without a pillow I had to rest my head on Cecile, our nearly six year old plush octopus, and she’s not the right shape for a good night’s sleep. I also need to buy a blind for the front window, because the streetlamp glares straight in at me. And last but not least, La Serpiente came down in the night and needed to sleep with me, so I really didn’t get the rest I’d anticipated.

Still, today was a day. I chugged through it all, and at least bought macarons for everyone to make up for getting home late. I hired a car for the weekend so we can go up to the waterfalls and hike around, and our table is finally being delivered, so there are lots of good things going on.

I’d just like a bit more sleep, please.

I didn’t warm up until mid afternoon. I’m beginning to regret not wearing thermal underwear, but then I imagine I’d faint in the office. So that will be a process of adjusting this winter. And we found La Serpiente’s gloves, so now all is right with the world…

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