Spooktacular Sportsball

Every Halloween, or as close as we can get to it, the spookiest Blood Bowl tournament in the Pacific Northwest is run in the terrifying confines of the banquet room at Evergreen Lanes


We want to see diversity in the teams that enter the tournament. If you are desperate to bring a terrifying, win-at-all-costs roster with the nastiest combination of star players and inducements you can think of, bring it on. But the thought of 16 identical teams battling it out for glory is a bit depressing, so we encourage people to think different. That includes rewards for choosing some of the more challenging rosters, and for attention to the theme. In particular, there’s a special prize for coaches brave enough to commit to a spooky team. Yes, a spoooooooky team….

That said, we want to give serious players a chance to test their mettle as well. It’s our hope that everyone can find something fun in the eldritch horrors of the Spooktacular Sportsball.


Scoring: 5 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss by less than 2 TDs, 0 for a concession.

Tiebreakers: head to head, then TD difference, casualty difference, total TDs, total casualties, strength of schedule, coin toss.

1st place
Most TDs
Most CAS – all casualties count – whether by block, foul, surf, chainsaw, stab, bomb, thrown team-mate or anything else you do to the other team. Casualties from failed dodges and rushes do not count. Casualties inflicted on your own team (kickbacks, fumbled bombs, eaten teammates, and so on) do not count to either team’s total.
Spooky team award
Stunty team award
Solid defence – least TDs conceded
Best rookie (only available for NAF members with no previous matches)
Pandemonium – total cas & TDs scored and conceded



For the weekend, as the fog creeps in from the sea and visibility drops, and the local peasants hide, terrified, the weather table deviates from the Blood Bowl norm. The first match will be played using the Coastal weather table from Death Zone (2020), followed by the Night weather table, and culminating in the most haunted weather we can think of. As is traditional at Evergreen Lanes, the top table rolls for (and is blamed by everyone else for) the weather at the start of each round for all matches.

Special star players

For the inaugural Spooktacular, all coaches received a commemorative chainsaw-wielding maniac courtesy of the lovely people at Punga.

For the second running of the Spooktacular, we’re looking to provide a pumpkin-flinging madman for all coaches to use during the final match of the tournament.

Team building


Submit your roster to cushtie@outlook.com at least one week before the tournament. $20 for non-NAF members, $15 for NAF members, either in advance by Paypal (preferred) or on the day.