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Spooktacular Sportsball

Every Halloween, or as close as we can get to it, the spookiest Blood Bowl tournament in the Pacific Northwest is run in the terrifying confines of the banquet room at Evergreen Lanes


I want to see diversity in the teams that enter the tournament. If you are desperate to bring a terrifying, win-at-all-costs roster with the nastiest combination of star players and inducements you can think of, bring it on. But the thought of 16 identical teams battling it out for glory is a bit depressing, so I encourage people to think different. That includes rewards for choosing some of the more challenging rosters, and for attention to the theme. In particular, there’s a special prize for coaches brave enough to commit to a spooky team. Yes, a spoooooooky team….

That said, I want to give serious players a chance to test their mettle as well. It’s my hope that everyone can find something fun in the eldritch horrors of the Spooktacular Sportsball.