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Jackie O’Lantern

Celebrating the autumnal scent of pumpkin spice that comes this time of the year, we’re some high explosive fun, with a few tricks for unwitting players/victims.

Jackie O’Lantern, who would be known as ‘Jackie’ to his friends if he had any, is a grumpy squash farmer, enraged at having his crops spoiled by the armies of Blood Bowl fans tramping through his fields.

MA 5
ST 3
AG 3+
PA 4+
AV 8+


Disturbing Presence
No Hands
Secret Weapon

Special Rule: Pumpkinrooskie
Instead of throwing a bomb, Jackie can drop the bomb on the ground in the square he’s occupying, then immediately move away before the bomb explodes. The bomb will explode in the vacated square as soon as Jackie leaves it. Jackie must be standing up at the start of his activation in order to Pumpkinrooskie.