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Slicey McSlicerface

Slicey McSlicerface, also known to his friends as ‘Reg’, was a debonair chap who combined an obsession with betting on squig racing, a love of ballroom dancing, and a job as a professional chainsaw juggler. It was thought his career was sadly cut short when he sawed his own head off while attempting the macarena while tap dancing at the half time celebrations of the 2591 Blood Bowl.

But happily for all of us, McSlicerface was deep in debt to some underworld bosses with long memories and necromantic skills, and rather than forgiving his gambling debts, he was brought back to life for their (and our) entertainment.

On the night before Halloween, McSlicerface took to the pitch for the final match of the inaugural Spooktacular Sportsball. We hope you treasure a bit of him in your hearts forever…

MA 5
ST 3
AG 4+
PA –
AV 8+

Thick Skull
Side Step
No Hands
Secret Weapon

Special Rule: Gruesome Two Step

Once per match, if McSlicerface rolls a kickback on a chainsaw action, he can reroll the die. McSlicerface is then placed prone, as he stumbles around trying to put himself back together again. This does not cause a turnover.