Go karting

This evening we went to the go karting track at the Singapore Turf Club. It was designed by Herman Tilke (responsible for lots of boring F1 circuits) is almost a kilometre long , and has a train line running above it. We got there a bit too late and only managed to race for ten minutes, after which we spent a good 45 minutes travelling back, during which I got motion sickness in some strange, go karting related irony. As is usual, I was incredibly slow on the track, although the full face helmets we wore meant nobody could see me looking as sad as I did the last time I went to a go kart track.

I got home to find La Serpiente still acting out a bit, but not with as much tomfoolery as last night. Still, exhausted by all this I was utterly incapable again tonight. Roll on the weekend…

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