Hong Kong

We were booked on the 9:30 Singapore Airlines flight this morning to Hong Kong, and we got up at six this morning, finished packing and rushed out of the apartment. I realise that on holiday, I like a midday departure because then I can get up gradually, go out for breakfast beforehand and not panic about anything. As opposed to realising when we’re halfway to the airport that we’d left the baby carrier in the living room and having to go all the way back to retrieve it. Still, I managed to get onto the plane.

The flight was on an A380; this was my second time aboard and I’m becoming more impressed. When we landed at Hong Kong the descent was so smooth that when the tyres hit the tarmac it came as a great surprise. The aisles are much wider than on other planes so La Serpiente Aquatica Negra could (and did) run up and down them without getting into trouble. She was mostly very good on the flight, only melting down when we put one of our bags into the overhead locker.

But she didn’t sleep at all, and she stayed awake on the train to the city, and in the taxi, and through check in,while our nerves frayed and we wished she would settle down. At the front desk they gave us a teddy bear for her, which made no difference, but we got a cot as well, which was probably more important. After she’d run around the room for twenty minutes we strapped her onto me (hurrah for retrieving that baby carrier) and walked up through Happy Valley. She was asleep in five minutes. I guess horses make her drowsy.

The hotel reception told us they’d given us a handy phone; actually they had. Handy is a Android smartphone with free calls and 3G connectivity, which means instead of spending a fortune on roaming, we take the hotel phone with us and (hopefully) communicate for free. We walked around Happy Valley (which doesn’t seem to have changed much) and eventually went for dinner, much later than expected. Our daughter went to bed at 9:30, and we went straight down after her.

It’s odd. My overriding impression of Hong Kong this time has been familiarity, as if nothing has changed while we were away. This is good for me ego but clearly unrealistic. When I have had more sleep, tomorrow I should provide a more realistic assessment.

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  1. Wow, What sort of hotel loans you a smart phone. You must be a very highly valued customer.

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