Singaporean Mexican Birthday Party

Today was my wife’s birthday, so after work I took her to El Mero Mero (the boss of bosses), a Mexican restaurant in the Chjimes complex. We got there half an hour early so I drank a Tecate and she got on the mezcal before we went into the garden for tacos.
Burritos and tacos are rather utilitarian foods, so I was worried this might not be romantic enough an evening for her, but hey, I gave her a USB cable for one of her presents and she was happy with that, so sometimes you shouldn’t overthink things. Here’s a bird’s eye shot of our drinks:

This was the second round, after I’d abandoned beer in favour of strong liquor; I inhaled the tacos and then we had braised pineapple and churros for dessert. The churros were the only low point; there’s never enough chocolate with them in Singapore, and the insides were a little cool. Everything else being fine though, and they even forgot to put our drinks on the bill (I’m Lawful Evil though, so I had to pay for them, but that’s a lifetime of Dungeons and Dragons for you…)

After that, we contemplated going to watch Transformers at the cinema (we did have a babysitter, after all) but we didn’t (because we are adults and capable of making intelligent decisions). So instead, back home to pack for Bangkok tomorrow. 7 hours to go…

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