Smash smash

While running this morning, the 7 o’clock alarm began to chime, and so my Spotify app paused. I couldn’t imagine continuing to run without Shaun Ryder and Black Grape, so I fumbled with my phone to unpause it, and inadvertently cast my iPhone onto the ground. 

It was less than six months old, and had led a calm and cosseted life until now, but today a single fall onto tarmac and it was scarred irrevocably, a spider’s web of cracks spreading almost instantly across the screen.

I finished my run and went home, then to the office for the first time this year. It’s interesting; yesterday I was musing on how much I’d resented one of my previous jobs. I’d refused to charge my phone at home, on the basis that I didn’t want to give my employer any electricity for free. Then again, at the time I’d been rocking a company-provided Blackberry, and nobody would be happy with one of those. (“It’s a feature phone! That means it’s a phone devoid of enjoyable features!”)

Perhaps I feel less antipathy to my current employer because instead of making me tote a smashed-up phone around, the IT team exchanged it for a different device. They didn’t have any iPhones available and I figured it was time I tried out an Android phone for a change, so now I have a Samsung S7 as my daily device. 

My immediate impression is that it’s a bit plasticky; even the screen, which I assume is glass, feels more plasticky to type on than the iPhone did. It feels a bit lighter in the hand and so a little less solid, and there’s something about Android interfaces that I can’t put my finger on, but feels just a bit babyish. Basically, I want my Windows Phone back, but there are no apps for it and there isn’t much getting round that. 

Other than that, changing phone is pretty painless. The fingerprint sensor isn’t as good as on the iPhone, and there are some Android idiosyncracies I’m having to get used to (double tap on the home button doesn’t take me into the Task Switcher) but for the most part it’s simple to migrate. I wish I’d made a better note of what apps I had installed on my previous phone (Apple doesn’t make this easy to discover, although they should really know) but I suppose what I can’t remember, I probably didn’t need anyway. 

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  1. Shaun Ryder, lol. I also have Spotify and can confirm that Sheep on Drugs are on there. 15 Minutes of Fame is their most popular track, with a whopping 32k streams to date.

    • Ah, Sheep on Drugs. I’d quite forgotten about the time we went to see them at the Astoria. Kind of shocked they had a greatest hits album in 2006…

  2. Oh no, what a series of disasters! At least it was an accident, as opposed to Isabel cracking the screen on her iPhone by smashing up a chocolate orange with it. (She’d just got a new one for Christmas.)
    We have Black Grape on in the office sometimes. I’ll put it on on Thursday when my Data Assistant comes back, she appreciates that kind of thing.
    Rhiannon prefers Samsung as it is easier to transfer files. Isabel and I think the camera is better on the iPhone.
    Yesterday I read about the Samsung Notes that keep exploding, and the fact that 7% of the phones are still out there despite a recall and replace, so the next upgrade is going to render them useless.

    • A chocolate orange? I’d pay to see that happen (although I assume you’d struggle to reproduce it…)

      • Hang on – now I read that again after coffee, I’m confused. What did she get for Christmas? A new phone, or a new chocolate orange?

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