Start of winter

I woke up at five today because both girls were in my bed, and then once I recovered from this shock, I spent the day minding the kids plus our friend’s daughter, while they remodelled their bathroom. We spent most of the day outside, which was good for wearing the kids out, but it was incredibly cold.
Under the cover of buying hot chocolates, I persuaded all three girls to walk to Phinney Ridge, then made them wait outside the supermarket while I purchased three bottles of strong alcohol, and some lemons, and then we walked back home again, and had another couple of hours chilling in the freezing cold park. At least it wasn’t raining.

I’d bought all this booze because I bought a book on cocktails last week, and my wife fancied a Painkiller. (Rum, orange juice and coconut milk, which was surprisingly palatable given my antipathy for rum). We watched the third Bill and Ted movie (my wife fell asleep ten minutes before the end), we considered a second cocktail (probably a bad idea) and then sleep called for us. But we still have a bottle of gin, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum (less four ounces) to get through. That should last at least as long as the weekend, or when I find an index to the book that sorts drinks by ingredient, not name …

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