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  • Track & Field, 2018

    I literally can’t remember the last time I went for a run. I know I took part in a race in 2017, because I won a 10k in Myanmar, and I ran an 800m at Toa Payoh Stadium at some point that year, and I must have run a couple of times this year, but […]

  • The Perfect Distance

    The Perfect Distance is a book describing the careers of Sebastian Coe (Conversative Lord, adviser to Nike and the IOC, and therefore more-than-slightly dubious, under some interpretations) and Steve Ovett, a shaggier-looking chap who was naturally talented and not whittled into a formidable middle distance runner by a obsessive father. (Not that Peter Coe doesn’t […]

  • Old Man’s Sports Day – Singapore Masters Track And Field Championships 2017

    Today was the day of the annual Singapore Athletics Masters Track & Field Championships. For the last two years I’ve completed, starting off with the 1500m and running a 4x400m relay against some dastardly competition, but last year and this year I’ve concentrated on the 800m. The championships has usually been held in the autumn, […]

  • Taking Bronze at the Singapore Masters’

    Every year the Singapore Masters Athletic club organises a track and field competition, and today I took part in the 800 metres. Lining up, I saw that there were only two other people in my age class: did that guarantee I would get on the podium?