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  • Betrayer

    On the train back from Portland I read another Horus Heresy book, the 24th to be published It’s remarkable to me that Games Workshop would be able to diversify like this. I suppose there have been Star Wars novels and many other corporate land grabs, but somehow the Games Workshop effort has made something much […]

  • The First Heretic

    Another week, another Horus Heresy book… I really liked Dembski-Bowen’s The Black Legion┬ábecause it had depth and nuance and smart characters and not just “raaah, we’re eeeevil!” idiots. I can blame that book for persuading me to read a lot of the other books in this series. So I came to The First Heretic with […]

  • The Talon Of Horus

    As is normal on Sundays, I got woke up by La Serpiente refusing to sleep in and had to take her out for pancakes to prevent the maelstrom that would ensue if she woke her sister up by banging around the apartment. And then when I got back, I read another Games Workshop novel about […]

  • Soul Hunter

    Possibly in a long game to wind up my wife, or from nostalgia for my teenage years, I read another Games Workshop novel today, Soul Hunter, which is about some renegade Space Marines (the Night Lords) who used to be led by a bloke who was literally Batman In Spaaaaace (the scary Frank Miller-era Batman, […]