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  • Milk

    Long Hours. Poor Diet. Lack Of Exercise. Your Heart Doesn’t Need More Stress. These are the slogans, in big white text on a lime green background, that assail me every time I take a train to work from Tanjong Pagar. The solution the advertiser offers is to drink more milk. Drink more special, high sterol […]

  • Things I learned this weekend

    I’m trying to be more structured about what I post, so today I thought I’d write up what the key things were that I think I learned this weekend – read on for something about dinosaurs, coffee, Elmore Leonard, haze, the importance of reservations, and more about the haze.

  • Everything is getting more civilised

    Walking down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus I saw a vision of social improvement. A vision of the way that over time, we treat people around us with more civility, with greater dignity and respect. I saw a man wearing a luminous tshirt and a stupid hat, both emblazoned with the words GOLF SALE.

  • Desperately Seeking …

    I’m being pursued by Chinese girls who want serious relationships. At least that’s what the internet keeps telling me. Sometimes I see their names, from the almost-plausibly-named Sue to Rebecca to Louise, each name slightly more inappropriate for the picture it captions than the one before. I’m sure I saw "Bert" from Wuhan last week, […]