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  • What I learned this week

    My phone is trying to tell me something. Or get me into trouble. Look at what happens if I try to tell my wife that I’m having a shitstorm at work: I’m not sure if this means my phone is making racist generalisations, or trying to provoke rage in my wife at apparent confessions of […]

  • Fast on the draw

    At last night’s Al Murray show, at one point he got out a camera and took a photo of the crowd – I suppose that counts as cultural sensitivity, as that’s what every single person in Singapore does all the time. Well, almost. As I was in the third row from the front next to […]

  • Al Murray in Singapore

    This evening, the wife and I abandoned the kids to our babysitter and went to the NUS Cultural Centre, to see Al Murray. I can’t think of a more inappropriate place to watch a strange facsimile of an irate Little Englander pub landlord ranting away, than in the terribly-clean and polite surroundings of the Cultural […]