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  • Further househunting with Frederick The Octopus

    Today we had several more appointments to look at flats. The first flat we looked at was a unit in the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, on the ninth floor. While the bedrooms were a decent size, the living room was too small for our tastes and the unit faced onto the busy street running through Tanjong […]

  • Get out of the way

    Today I imagined I would get up early and go for a run before the sun came up. Our daughter tried to help by waking us up at two o’clock or something similarly ridiculous, but this assiduousness on her part failed because we then all overslept, and I only got down to the running track […]

  • Angered by lifts

    My right ear is bunged up at the moment. I went to see the doctor today (it seems minor, but with a long journey to the US at the weekend, I want to eliminate as much physical infirmity as possible) and as part of the diagnosis, he pointed out that I lived on the 21st […]

  • The consequences of annoyance

    I was annoyed all yesterday that I’d missed the Parkrun by not being able to catch a taxi, so today I went out to see how long it would take to cycle from Chinatown to East Coast Park. The direct route would be along the freeway, but that’s probably as illegal as it is suicidal, […]

  • Do Not Cross

    Good user interfaces make me happy, and bad ones make me sad, bad documentation makes me gloomier, and contradictory signage is one of those things that sucks joy out of me and replaces it with vague rage. Take this notice, attached to every traffic light pole I’ve stood next to while waiting for the lights […]