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  • The Four

    I read several books this weekend, one of them The Four by Scott Galloway. Scott Galloway is a professor at NYU Stern Business School, and also makes entertaining videos on Youtube where he explains the world of Silicon Valley through the medium of wearing a wig and miming to Adele. No, really. That’s how I […]

  • Reasons why Windows is better than iOS

    I’ve had my iPhone for a week, while I’ve tolerated Windows Phones for over three years, from before I even had a daughter. That means I’ve used Windows Phone 8, then the wonderful improvement that came with 8.1, and the confusing mix of regressions and improvements that 10 brought. Perhaps because I masochistically clung to […]

  • First disappointment of the year

    I got up at six this morning, clipped my wife’s iPod to my shorts and went out for a run, ready for forty minutes of Spanish revision. Except the iPod didn’t work.

  • How do you like them apples?

    A jet lagged baby is a confusing proposition; at three months, they don’t adhere to much of a schedule, so it shouldn’t matter what time zone they’re in. Whether their parents are in their usual time zone or buffetted by flying around the world, the rule is that the baby will start squawking when you’re […]