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  • Hard Times At Soft Play

    Hungover and feeling battered, I considered heading out to the parkrun this morning and leaving my wife to fend for herself with the kids, but I was much too crapulent and ended up staying in bed until 8:30. Eventually I got upright and we took the children down to the local playgym, Playkeroo, a somehow […]

  • More power testing

    The children slept all through the night, which meant I woke feeling wonderful for the first time in weeks. I was filled with guilt though: two days ago I bought La Serpiente a bright pink, Hello Kitty themed miniature basketball, and then yesterday I left it in the back of a taxi by accident. So […]

  • Balls to authenticity

    The last time I was at the Golden Sands, I looked snootily at the residents. What kind of person would choose to stay in an enormous resort, isolated from the country it was in, when they could have a much more meaningful experience in a more authentic, local hotel? Now I know, because I’m that […]