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  • Holding the babies

    This morning I felt predictably dreadful, after drinking as much as I could last night and then sleeping on the floor next to Destroyer. (Neither she nor her sister woke up, so they were fresh and ready at 7 am to start yelling at us for entertainment.) I drank tea, I drank coffee, we took […]

  • Easy Tuesday

    Yesterday was a real palaver; La Serpiente gave us the real runaround and ended up being rushed off to school late, badly fed, teeth unbrushed, everyone cross at everyone else. Today she had a good sleep and woke about 7:15, and we were all copacetic. So much so that even though we had one of […]

  • Bathtime, Under The Frog

    Our child has decided that she doesn’t like bathtime any more. For a while, she would get upset at one bath in every three, and then she she seemed to grow reconciled to being bathed, and only howled at the end, after she had been soaped and rinsed, as if the worst thing in the […]