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  • A new child

    I’m beginning to suspect La Serpiente Aquatica Negra is clairvoyant. At about 4 this morning, she woke up and started calling for her mother and her father. I tried to sleep; my wife got up, went into her bedroom to console her, and then her waters broke. So, rather than going into hospital on Canada […]

  • A new arrival

    Our daughter, Felicity Foreman, arrived at 11:13pm, six months before Christmas Day, which may very well be the optimal present-distribution-distance. Childbirth is similar to war; nothing much happens for quite a while, then punctuated by moments of stress or triumph.

  • Baby on the way

    About ten minutes after I lay down to sleep, my wife started shuffling around on the bed, and shortly after that we realised her waters has broken. The hypnobirthing term for that is "membranes releasing" but I think that makes it sound like she’s some sort of weird jellyfish, so I avoid calling it that.

  • Ante-natal #5

    Today we did precious little apart from sleep, and use a thermometer to verify that our air conditioner’s thermostat is correctly configured. Yesterday, though, we had our last ante-natal class, which concentrated on what you do after the baby arrives, which sounds more to me like an ante apres natal class, but who am I […]