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  • The Sellout

    Tonight I finished The Sellout, last year’s Booker prizewinner, and as demented a book as I’ve read this year. I’m not sure what to make of it; is it this decade’s A Confederacy of Dunces ? (Without a dead author, that is.) I’m not even sure if, on some level, I really know what it’s […]

  • The Luminaries

    The Luminaries is the longest book to ever win the Booker Prize (832 pages), by the youngest prizewinner (Eleanor Catton will be 29 this year). My parents cruelly gifted me a hardback copy, which has been ever harder to read than if I’d had it on my Kindle. Today, gripped by a five-pint hangover, I […]

  • The Luminaries

    In the long dark evenings of insomnia, when my brain is spinning idly with unhelpful thoughts and I thrash about alone on the spare bed, I take up a book and try to read my way to the morning. Unfortunately, my current read is The Luminaries, the 2013 Booker winner.

  • Bathtime, Under The Frog

    Our child has decided that she doesn’t like bathtime any more. For a while, she would get upset at one bath in every three, and then she she seemed to grow reconciled to being bathed, and only howled at the end, after she had been soaped and rinsed, as if the worst thing in the […]

  • Cheerful Booker Prizewinners

    My friend Denise just finished one of this year’s Booker nominees, A Tale For The Time Being, and it’s apparently not a rollicking laughfest. I began to wonder how long it’s been since a happy novel, or at least one that would make you crack a smile, rather than begin to weep at the tragedy […]