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  • Waiting for take off

    As usual, we took off late from Heathrow. That seems to happen every single time I fly with BA to Singapore, except for when my family accompanies me. I suppose it’s better than it being the other way around. I’ve recently gone up a tier in frequent flyer membership (I’m now “Ruby” with OneWorld, which […]

  • Cutting down

    I think we’ve gone beyond Peak Baby Paraphernalia and now we’re gradually reducing the amount of stuff we have to carry with us while travelling. Destroyer refuses to sleep in the travel cot we bought at great expense, so that got sold to somebody else in Singapore and we freed up half of a suitcase […]

  • BA Bassinets and beer

    You’re always advised to avoid alcohol on flights, so I felt like the World’s Greatest Dad when I had a beer with my dinner last night, my daughter passed out in my lap. British Airways’ baby bassinets are rated up to 18 kg. You’d have to be a pretty fat baby to weigh more than […]

  • Possibly leaving on a jet plane

    One problem with adding an extra member to your family is that if you’ve booked flights to take your family home for the summer, you then have to tell the airlines that you’ve increased the number of members you have. That meant we lost an hour of our lives this evening, first talking to Air […]

  • Flying from Singapore to Canada

    The flight back to London wasn’t great. My seat was 55F: in the middle of the back row of the plane, boxed in on either side, with a malfunctioning entertainment unit that consistently waited until I was half way through a film before suddenly lapsing into a blur of static and grey smears. A positive […]