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  • Thoughts on Global Entry

    I flew into Seattle today and tried out my Global Entry status for the first time. This was always going to be better than the alternative (queue for a very long time until a grumpy man who is perpetually surprised by foreigners demands to see your papers) but I was curious to see how slick […]

  • On and on and on

    Today I borrowed a red Toyota Prius-C and drove it a couple of hundred kilometres. It’s an acceptable car for driving long distances on a freeway; the soundproofing isn’t great, but it’s got cruise control (surprising on such a small car) and the fuel consumption is incredibly frugal, even when we were chugging along at […]

  • Legoland Windsor

    This morning we drove from Slough to Legoland, somewhere amongst the many roundabouts of Windsor. The roadsigns take you on what seems to be an incredibly circuitous route through the countryside, before you finally drive up a big hill and negotiate the many car parks to find a space. Almost everyone else will find the […]

  • Awake and struggling

    Today I was on baby duty in the evening, as my wife was fairly exhausted by an action-packed day of baby wrangling. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra started yelling about half an hour after we put her down to bed, so I went in, picked her up and rocked her back to sleep, then went back […]

  • Where you from?

    When, as the child of foreigners, you get a birth certificate in Singapore, it has the words THE CHILD IS NOT A CITIZEN OF SINGAPORE AT THE TIME OF BIRTH printed on it, in a space marked For Official Use. If one of your parents is a Singaporean citizen (and as long as that doesn’t […]

  • Classification

    Yesterday I registered our daughter, using a government form that was meant to take 12 minutes to complete, but that left me and my wife confused and baffled. But perhaps that’s the hormones kicking in.