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  • Taken for a ride

    This afternoon​, when I was feeling a bit better (or perhaps just rattling more, given how many pills I’d taken) we took the girls down to the East Coast Park so they could play on their scooter and bicycle. There’s a big shop selling nothing but scooters and inline skates there, so we could pick […]

  • Men Love Pies, Girls Like Hummus

    Today I baked a cake from Men Love Pies, Girls Like Hummus, a cookery book I borrowed from the library solely on the strength of its title. I borrowed three books: one by Gordon Ramsay that had at least one example of egregious copy-and-paste, a compendium of recipes from Epicurious, and Men Love Pies, Girls […]

  • The balloon goes up

    This afternoon we went to a party for friends’ new baby, and that meant lots of cake for La Serpiente, which meant lots of whirling and scampering. There were also balloons. La Serpiente was soon clamouring desperately for a balloon of her own, and our hosts kindly let her choose one.

  • Let Me Eat Cake

    Yesterday I slept a total of fifteen hours, as my body chugged away, trying to rid me of the infection. A bit like if you put your oven on a cleaning cycle, I suppose. All that sleep meant that I couldn’t sleep at a normal time last night, so when I woke at seven this […]

  • Gingerbread cupcakes and their part in my downfall

    My wife baked this evening, choosing one of my favourite cakes, a soft and moist ginger bread from the Miette cookbook. It requires a can of stout and some molasses, and when it’s baking the flat is filled with the glorious smell of ginger.

  • Let me eat cake

    It rained for most of the day in Singapore, a constant downpour with occasional thundery outbursts, from lunchtime, till we were driven by a very Christian taxidriver to a shopping mall to buy our daughter’s first neoprene outfit, and then lapsing into persistent drizzle at the end of the afternoon. December is forecasted to be […]

  • Diet Croydon and Croydon

    Yesterday, we went to Bromley, where we visited the outdoor market and bought some wool, and the shopping mall, where I bought some underpants. These were both exciting events, especially as time, heat and humidity have began to destroy all the underpants I own in Singapore, and the mark-up on new Marks & Spencer items […]