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  • Found it!

    This afternoon my wife emailed me a picture of my watch, sat inside one of La Serpiente’s play saucepans. If she’d been a cruel woman, she might have tried ransoming my watch back to me, but for her it was enough to give me the glad tidings. My mood lifted instantly. It’s strange that getting […]

  • Back in the saddle

    After two and a half weeks away, tonight I went back to 7Cycle for another spin class. This time, wearing a pair of shorts with an embarrassing hole gradually growing near my crotch. I was worried that at some point people would think I’d only gone to the class to flash the people around me.

  • How to take the pain out of travelling by plane

    In Canada, I’m often reminded of the useful saying: "Life is a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat." In as so many things, a lot of the annoyances and aggravations of air travel can be removed simply by throwing money at them. But nobody has an infinite […]

  • Second time around

    This evening I combined going to the pub with keeping fit; I ran to the pub quiz, wearing my offensively shiny shorts. That’s only a mile, but that still left me sweating in the oppressive evening heat and humidity. Tonight was the first round of the new quarter’s tournament, and we surprised ourselves by winning.. […]

  • Celebrity Discoball Shorts

    I wore my Betabrand shorts to the track today. I’m not sure if clothes like these were meant to be worn in anger: the cut is a little baggy, perhaps more suitable for lazing around in rather than doing laps at the running track. None of my other shorts have pockets – they’re all too […]