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  • Nervous flyer

    I have a flight at 2am tomorrow morning to Tokyo. That’s not the bad bit. The bad bit is that I’m flying with JAL, and JAL have the most aggravating website I’ve used for some time. It’s impossible for me to check in online, which means it’s impossible for me to get out of the […]

  • A new start

    I’ve just finished my first day with my new employer, and I’m on the train home. It’s been a very interesting day. First days have been rare in my career; even if I count the times I changed jobs within my last employer, I’ve only had five previous first days; doing anything only once every […]

  • Out in the woods

    This evening, we drove out to a set of trees that had been decorated for Christmas. In the middle of Colorado, where houses are scarce, most of the Christmas decorations look insignificant, dwarfed by the darkness around them, but this particular thicket of trees felt very impressive. I don’t want to harp on about it, […]