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  • Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me

    I borrowed Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me from the library at the weekend, a book of celebrity feuds, ruminations upon the nature of the Internet, and reminiscences of the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Bowling

    Today was a company anniversary, which we celebrated by taking the afternoon off to go bowling. Bowling is actually quite a nice teambuilding activity; it’s not terribly competitive, unless you want it to be, it gets people into small groups where they’re all doing the same thing, and it’s physical. It’s also more strenuous than…

  • If you don’t like your television, why don’t you smash it up?

    Felicity had her first dose of TV this week: a one-two punch of the second half of Casino Royale, and some guff where Vanilla Ice renovates houses. She sat on her aunt’s knee, mouth open, transfixed by the gogglebox.