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  • Day Two In Myanmar

    Last night, after we had recovered from lunch and our horrible early morning start, we went into town to see what there was to see. There’s an enormous pagoda with different Buddhas for every day of the week (complete with signs to tell you which is which) and there’s some slightly decrepit but picturesque colonial […]

  • Health and safety and dancing and so much more

    Again, La Serpiente woke up way too early today, but we were prepared: we stuffed her into the running stroller and then I took her on an hour long tour of Singapore in the early morning. We got as far out as Marina Barrage, and then I slogged home with her again. La Serpiente had […]

  • Salsa with that

    Tonight we had another salsa lesson. I now know that I dance like a robot. A robot with no ability to move its arms.

  • First taste of salsa

    This evening after work we went to a salsa lesson. There’s a hotel over the road from us with a dance studio upstairs: a brightly lit room with too much air conditioning, where my wife and I met two other couples and tried to dance.

  • Soundclash!

    Tonight, as well as well the nightly concert in the square beneath our flat, there was a procession around the Temple Of Buddha’s Tooth. That meant lots of jangling bells, three lions and a dragon, the last of these accessorized with neon lights, all making a huge din that almost drowned out the noise from […]