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  • Mislaid

    At a bit of a loss at what to do, I read an issue of the London Review of Books and a review of Nell Zink’s most recent books, Nicotine and Private Novelist, piqued my interest. Her first two books, Mislaid and The Wallcreeper, are on sale as a package on Amazon, so I downloaded […]

  • Those Across The River

    Today I devoured Those Across The River, a horror story set in Depression-era America, somewhere in the South (my geography isn’t so great). I’d misinterpreted a review of this book as it being about vampires, which it isn’t, exactly – there’s nasty things across the river, but it’s not entirely clear what sort of mythology […]

  • Why The Crawfish Lives In The Mud

    Why The Crawfish Lives In The Mud is a story set in Louisiana. This immediately appeals to me, because one of my great joys is reading Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep to La Serpiente in increasingly ridiculous Deep South accents. (Or my ridiculous attempts at them.). Given the opportunity to read […]