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  • The Refugees

    Rushing to the plane on Thursday, i downloaded The Refugees, a collection of short stories by Viet Thanh Nguyen, author of The Sympathizer. I should have known that it wouldn’t be a laugh-a-minute gagfest to guide me back to Singapore, but I’d hoped not every story would be almost enough to bring me to tears.  That […]

  • Underground Airlines

    As well as Sarong Party Girls, I bought Underground Airlines last week, and what better place to read it than on a plane, while growing peevish that the in-flight entertainment system was crashing every ten minutes? Underground Airlines is a pun on the Underground Railway, which is something I’d never heard of until a few […]

  • Cheerful Booker Prizewinners

    My friend Denise just finished one of this year’s Booker nominees, A Tale For The Time Being, and it’s apparently not a rollicking laughfest. I began to wonder how long it’s been since a happy novel, or at least one that would make you crack a smile, rather than begin to weep at the tragedy […]