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  • Jurassic World : Lost Kingdom

    Tonight I went to see the latest Jurassic World episode. I ate my own bodyweight in salted popcorn, and I think that, the slightly excessive two hour climbing session I had beforehand, and then sitting in an ice-cold cinema being battered with two hours of a blockbuster hammer was a bad idea. Saturated with salt, […]

  • Horniman and the Walrus again

    Another year passes, another visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill, and another chance for me to hold my daughters up in front of the Walrus. I’m getting weaker or La Serpiente is getting heavier – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to manage a whole decade of this. I’ve also […]

  • Dinosaurs

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that all places, at all times, are envious of the South​ London suburb of Crystal Palace, and that given time, for any particular place, you’ll always be able to amass evidence to prove this.  And so that was that we went to Singapore’s attempt at the Hanging Gardens of […]

  • Pacific Science Center

    This morning we went to the Pacific Science Center, near the Space Needle in Seattle. It was a typical Seattle Saturday; grey and wet and cold, but the butterfly garden at the Center promised a bit of the warmth Singapore has accustomed me to. 

  • Santasaurus

    When I took La Serpiente to the library on Saturday, she picked out various unsuitable books (notably Where’s Walrus?, a book entirely lacking in any words whatsoever, and which she demands I ‘read’ every night) and also Santasaurus, a book that is inappropriate not only because it is set at Christmastime, when we’re in the […]

  • Gus The Dinosaur Bus

    I hope it isn’t going to be an annual event, but today La Serpiente fell over on her face, and has a big bump under her eye. The kind of wound where I worry about taking her to school tomorrow and people thinking I’m the Bad Dad With Anger Issues. It’s not quite a year […]

  • Crystal Palace Park

    One problem with not sleeping on the flight from Halifax to London is that you arrive fairly ruined, so although I profited by watching The Great Gatsby and Monsters University, I suffered from being so tired that I kept forgetting that I’d watched The Great Gatsby, which left me worrying about what on earth I’d […]