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  • Sleepless again

    I failed to get more than three hours sleep today, partly from jet lag, partly due to stress, and a bit because the children coughed continually from bedtime until sunrise.

  • Don’t hit children

    This waa the fourth morning of putting La Serpiente on the school bus, and as with the last three days, she found ways to make us panic. This time, it was by waking up at 12:30 last night and taking an hour to put back down (every time I got up to leave her bedside […]

  • The school run

    La Serpiente is now reliably waking up half an hour before she should, which interferes with my precious sleep, but gives us a bit more chance to bleary-eyedly fill her with food and then take her to school. As it’s a Wednesday today, it’s my turn to do that, and usually our remarkably copacetic daughter […]

  • Mexican food, Fitbits and discipline

    Tonight I went straight back to the MRT station after Spanish tonight, rather than wander round Bugis in ever-decreasing circles, and walked from Telok Ayer station to Pistola, where I bought some more tacos. That’s two Mexican meals in less than a week; you’d think I’d be sick of them, particularly after my ten thousand […]