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  • Easter Sunday

    La Serpiente had a 39 degree fever last night, and spent all of today zonked out on the sofa. That meant she missed out on her first Easter egg hunt; Destroyer went out and found an egg stuffed full of sugary treats, and spent the next two hours demanding more chocolate eggs from me ("egg! […]

  • Adventures in pizza and chocolate eggs

    This afternoon I went to Tanglin Mall to buy my wife a chocolate egg. For the last few years, we’ve been in Hong Kong before Easter and that’s meant we can go to Great, (a supermarket where the name refers to the magnjtude of the prices as well as the quality) so I can drop […]

  • Easter In Singapore

    Good Friday is a holiday in Singapore, but Easter Monday is not. One conclusion to draw from this is that the government is quite happy for people to celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus, but his resurrection is not worth commemorating. Is this a display of scepticism? Not thinking somebody who takes three days off at […]