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  • Out of touch

    For me, one of the most aggravating paradoxes of modern life is my inability to communicate, given how hyperconnected we are now. Growing up there was no internet in our house, and one telephone line (without even an answer phone until I reached my teen years) in the house. No voice mail, no call waiting, […]

  • Cheesed

    I returned to work today after a four day break, to find I had ninety more unread emails than when I’d left on Thursday. If we assume that nobody was daft enough to send me emails at the weekend, that’s 45 emails every day, and if every email takes five minutes to respond to, then […]

  • Meditation and Spanish practices

    This evening I had a Spanish class which focused on non-verbal communication. I sometimes wonder if they’re swinging the lead; this wasn’t a lesson where they needed to focus on imparting lots of new vocabulary.

  • Finishing

    Today was my last day at work; after eight years working for the same company, across three different countries, I switched off my computer for the last time, handed back my access card and left the building. It felt strangely anti-climactic, at the same time as emotionally draining. On the one hand, I’d known this […]

  • Head down and focused

    I didn’t feel completely ship-shape this morning, but after I’d got to work, drunk some coffee and been productive, I felt a lot better. I’ve been working on a mathematical problem that is actually quite simple, until you try to build it in a database and find what people expected was a whole lot more […]

  • Struggling with email

    There was a concert in the square beneath our apartment this evening. It started at around 6:30 and concluded at 10:30. I think it was a concert, but it could have been the first ever commercial spaceship full of Chinese tourists, preparing for launch into outer space; incredibly loud, with a myriad of flashing lights […]

  • Herculean efforts

    Today was a good day. I was disciplined enough to avoid checking my email until mid-morning, which meant I could get stuff done, rather than be drawn into the whirlpool of deleting copious irrelevant emails and feeling guilty about not responding to other ones. That halcyon state couldn’t last forever though, and before lunch I […]

  • My brain hurts

    I got six hours of sleep this morning, and though I woke gladdened that I’d gone to bed as soon as I could and not stayed up reading a book, I was still feeling several hours short of well-rested. I dragged myself off to work, worried that my mind was going to evaporate through the […]