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  • Easter Sunday

    La Serpiente had a 39 degree fever last night, and spent all of today zonked out on the sofa. That meant she missed out on her first Easter egg hunt; Destroyer went out and found an egg stuffed full of sugary treats, and spent the next two hours demanding more chocolate eggs from me ("egg! […]

  • Let Me Eat Cake

    Yesterday I slept a total of fifteen hours, as my body chugged away, trying to rid me of the infection. A bit like if you put your oven on a cleaning cycle, I suppose. All that sleep meant that I couldn’t sleep at a normal time last night, so when I woke at seven this […]

  • Fever Dreams

    My temperature hit 39 degrees as I shivered under blankets on the sofa. I slept, succumbing to strange dreams: a bicycle shop in West London, selling only exotic fruit, where they gave me a mutated avocado that tasted like dirt; a blind date in Penge where we went to a wine bar filled with salt-of-the-earth […]

  • Feverish

    My wife called me at six this evening, telling me to come home; La Serpienta Negra had a high temperature, and we needed to get her seen to. It’s only ten minutes from office to home, although the cantankerous lift that takes me,to the 21st floor often adds time. Today, I arrived at the ground […]