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  • Feeding & Sleeping

    Today, I was reading about baby-led weaning. Instead of providing your child with pureed mush, you give them pieces of proper food to eat. This is meant to help them learn how to eat properly, and encourage manual dexterity as instead of being spoonfed, they have to get the food into their mouths independently. Now, […]

  • Thanks

    Today I had my first American Thanksgiving meal, which unfortunately was 17 years late, as I gave up eating meat on the first of January, 1997, and therefore couldn’t have any of this delicious turkey.

  • Eating is cheating

    Yesterday, I made a spreadsheet to track the quality of my diet. I’m following some fairly simple rules, as laid down in Racing Weight, to figure out if I’m eating properly or not. As it turned out, yesterday I ate dreadfully. I think I didn’t eat very different to any other day, which makes things […]

  • Getting your oats

    Two enormous boxes arrived at the office this afternoon, a much-awaited delivery from a US healthfood website. My office manager, who is a woman scarcely half my height, used to struggle to my desk under the heavy loads that were delivered, but lately has tended to send me terse emails instructing me to collect my […]

  • Mozza

    When people visit me in Singapore, they usually want to have an authentic Singaporean experience. Instead of going to a series of staid tourist traps, they want to see the real Singapore, the places the locals go to. I’m local (well, I’ve been here almost 18 months now) so I take them to the places […]

  • Picking things up

    We went up to Plaza Singapura to do our weekly grocery shop; there’s plenty that we can buy near our house, but as soon as you need to purchase organic nappies (and who can say that hasn’t happened to them?) it’s time to journey up to Dhoby Gaut.

  • Eating like a bird

    Afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel is something of an institution, and now I’ve been institutionalised.